CFD / Forex SeminarGetForexSignalsNow Trading Seminars go beyond offering just Forex signals and Forex charts.

Be Forewarned:
This is not your Typical Forex Indicators and Forex Charts Seminar!

GetForexSignalsNow Trading Seminars go beyond offering just Forex signals and trade tools. They are a blend of fundamental analysis, trading psychology, and proprietary Forex software specifically tailored to the foreign exchange Market.

Here is the best part...the Forex Seminars are held online. There is no reason to pay for the high cost of hotels and airfare. You can participate in the Forex seminar in your pajamas! GetForexSignalsNow technical seminar is tailored to all levels of traders...
  • Beginners... who are new to Forex and CFD trading
  • Refreshers... traders who previous bought and sold foreign exchange and/or commodities and would like to trade again
  • Technical Traders... who are searching for proprietary MT4 Forex indicators and templates, or want to find out about algorithimic trading opportunities

The FX Trading Seminar is intense, providing the same information you'll discover in the online Forex Trading Course. The over 460 pages of technical analytics found in GetForexSignalsNow online course are delivered in just 18 hours. Now that's intense.

The Forex Trading Seminar includes:
  • Forex and CFD Trading Fundamentals...Learn the fundamentals of technical analytics, trading CFD and Currency markets, trading psychology, different Forex charts, major Forex indicators, trade tools for both Forex and CFD trading, proprietary Forex software for MT4, technical strategies, and overall foreign exchange market conditions
  • Forex Charts...Understand the complexities of technical charts, including the different chart types and their unique uses, and how major Forex indicators can be used for each chart type
  • Forex Indicators and Strategies...Master over 20 trading strategies that can be tapped for both Forex signals and CFD trading, along with the application of proprietary Forex indicators
  • Algorithmic Trading Signals...Explore computerized-decision making through the use of algorithmic trading signals provided real time, 24 hours per day
  • Trading Platforms...Simulated trading is essential to the learning process of trading. Fully functional Forex Trading Simulators are available free through our brokerage and run real time. You can take advantage of your training immediately by "paper-trading" with Metatrader MT4.
  • Get Started Now! Purchase our Forex seminar that includes the E-Course with over 460 pages and our proprietary Forex indicators, and even 3 months of our online, computer-decision making, Algorithmic Trade Room.
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