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HFT Pattern Recognition

Forex charts need Forex indicators should alert when high frequency (HF) algorithmic trading takes control of the Forex currency pair

Forex signals help to identify irregularities from sudden volume spikes (SV) for use with the Metatrader 4 platform and algorithmic trading


Traders today need Forex Signals and Forex indicators to buy and sell in the foreign exchange market. One important indicator for traders: Intraday Pivots. Pivots can identify Support and Resistance along with Retracements


Along with pivots, another important indicator for Forex trading is Fractal Analytics. Fractal Analytics is founded upon Fractal Geometry, fragmented geometrical forms, where each form is a smaller replica of the whole form, such as a fern, where each leaf is a smaller copy of the larger fern.

Fractal geometry can be used for predicting trends. GetForexSignalsNow Fractal Analytics assumes that Forex prices will follow geometical intraday patterns. Fractal trend lines are computer generated and are displayed real time.

Fractal geometry is not just for drawing arrows for Highs and Lows. These Fractals have dynamic trend lines, further helping you to recognize Resistance Highs and Support Lows.

Fractal analytics can also spot Forex currency pairs "change of direction" real time. Background blue and beige lines are displayed when the overall direction changes.

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