Algorithmic Trading: AutotradingAutomated Forex Strategies Powered By Computerized-Decision Making

What is Algorithmic Autotrading?

Algorithmic Autotrading..."Computerized Decision Making", using high-speed computer programs to find exact Forex entries and exits

Why Algorithmic Autotrading with GetForexSignalsNow?

Emotion-Free Trading
Probably the biggest impact to trading is "Emotion". Fear and greed stand in the way of profitability. Trades are exited early from fear or held open longer than the market dictates with greed. Algorithmic trades are executed with computerized-decisions. There is no emotion.

Round the Clock Trading
Algorithmic strategies buy and sell the Forex/CFD markets 24/5 "Without Food or Sleep". These strategies execute whether you are at your computer, away at work, or sound asleep. Depending on where in the world you live, your work/sleep hours maybe the most optimal time for Forex/CFD trading. Algorithmic Autotrading: You are no longer held prisoner by Forex/CFD charts and MT4.

Multiple CFD / Forex Currency Pairs Trading
Algorithms can monitor multiple CFD and currency pairs simultaneously, providing new positions you may not otherwise have considered. Retail traders tend to feel more confident trading the same pairs, over and over. Algorithmic strategies are not limited to "Favorites". Instead they oversee many currencies concurrently faster and with far more accuracy.

Disciplined Trading
Algorithmic trading strategies are computer programs that search for exact entries and exits. They are not driven by "Hunches". They safeguard backtested trading plans without exception. Automated algorithms make you a 100% disciplined trader.

Sophisticated, Complex Strategy Trading
Algorithmic strategies can be more complex. Try multitasking: keep a combination of entry criteria in your head for multiple currencies, like moving average crossovers, MACD, Stochastics, profit targets, stop loss, trailing stops, etc. Do this with speed and proficiency. Automated algorithms are "Sophisticated Computer Programs" designed specifically for simultaneously multitasking at blazing fast speeds.

How do I Get Started Autotrading with GetForexSignalsNow?
  • Open Two Accounts: Pure ECN MT4, Islamic or Pro Account and GetForexSignalsNow Trade Copy Account.
  • Deposit Minimum $1500: Deposit $1500 into your Pure ECN MT4 account or Islamic Account
  • Deposit Minimum $25,000: Deposit $25,000 into your Pro Account
  • Decide Your Risk Tolerance: Tranfer the amount of money you want to trade copy from your ECN/Islamic/Pro account to your GetForexSignalsNow Trade Copy account. Start with a small amount. Add more as you gain confidence with autotrading.
  • Control Your Capital: You are in control of your trading capital. You decide how much money you want autotrading.