Algorithmic Trade By Numbers

Ever want to compete with High Frequency Algorithmic Trading? Institutions, such as larger banks and brokerages, spend millions developing computerized-decision making robots to analyze foreign exchange market conditions and execute trades with lightning speeds. So how can a retail trader compete?

Retail traders rely on Forex indicators for their Forex charts, such as moving averages, Stochastics, and MACD. Each of these require time to analyze, time high frequency institutions take away.

GetForexSignalsNow 24 hour computerized-decision making Traderoom was developed to level the playing field, to provid high speed algorithms for Forex retail traders, just like the institutions.

24-Hour Computerized-Decision Traderoom -- Exclusively Algorithmic

Our 24-hour Traderoom operates with computerized-decisions, pure algorithms. Real time CFD and Forex signals for retail traders. These are the same technical analysis signals investors analyze manually with Forex charts and Forex indicators, but done at blazing fast speeds...speeds a retail trader could only dream about.

With algorithmic decisions, the need for so many Forex indicators (Stochastics, MACD, moving averages, etc.) on your charts is not needed. Flipping back and forth, watching for entries and exits on your various Forex charts, a thing of the past. Just let our 24 Hour Traderoom execute the analytics for a simplified manner, with numbers.

GetForexSignalsNow Traderoom Radar and Forex charts search for trends using Sequential Numbers. The start of a new trend is a 1 or 2. The end of an existing trend is a 7 or 8. Our Scanner Spreadsheet even alerts you when a trend could reverse as a leading indicator.

It doesn't matter where you live in the world, whether you are a day trader or trading after work, log into our computerized traderoom and execution platform. The hours of operation are when you need them to be.

Our 24 Hour Traderoom comes with two functions:
  • Forex Charts...with Sequence Numbers identifying the start and end of trends
  • Real Time Scanner (Radar)...with CFD and Forex signals as leading indicators

Note: GetForexSignalsNow 24 Hour Traderoom runs on our Secured Servers. There is nothing to download. Access is 24 hours per day. The only requirements: Internet connection and a desktop computer, laptop, cell phone, or tablet. Since our Traderoom runs via an internet browser, it supports both Windows, Apple and Android.