Algorithmic Signal ScriptsComputerized-decision making signals providing high speed algorithmic analytics for Forex retail traders, just like the institutional HFT's.

When high frequency algorithmic institutional traders analyze foreign exchange market conditions and execute trades with lightning speeds, Forex retail traders need to be able to compete. But how? Forex indicators, such as moving averages, Stochastics, and MACD, require time to analyze...time high frequency algorithms take away.

High Speed Algorithms

GetForexSignalsNow Algorithmic Signal Scripts has been developed to provide high speed computerized decision making analytics to Forex retail traders, just like the institutional HFT's.

There are lots of traderooms available, led by moderators looking for buy and sell positions. Traders believe that if they look over the moderator's virtual shoulder, watching his trades/charts, their profits will improve.

Unfortunately, traderooms can only be as good as their moderators, and can only as good as the moderator can multi-task: looking for buy/sell positions, seeing setups, and answering participants questions. Many positions are missed because the traderoom moderator was busy answering some particpant's questions.

Real Time CFD and Forex Signals

Our Algorithmic Signal Scripts are entirely driven by computerized algorithmic decisions, providing real time FX and CFD buy and sell opportunities for traders. These are the same trading signals investors analyze manually with Forex technical charts and analytics or moderators call in their traderooms. Algorithmic computerized decisions can analyze the same technical charts but at ligthening speeds...speeds a trader could only imagine.

With computerized FX trading, there is no need for dozens of Forex indicators (MACD, moving averages, Stochastics, etc.) on your charts. Put our scripts on your chart and watch the buy and sell opportunities appear.

Forex Charts

GetForexSignalsNow Algorithmic Signal Scripts identify trends with arrows and bells. On the chart, the start of the trend will display an up arrow for buy or a down arrow for sell, along with a bell at the bottom of the chart. And when a buy or sell entry has been identified, the signal will post in the Alert window and the bell will sound.

No matter where in the world you live, whether you are day trading or night trading after work, you can bring up our signal scripts. The hours of operation are whenever you want them to be. We are on the job, constantly searching for real time trading opportunities.

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